Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bored Compaction Pile Foundation

Used for foundations of structure of various types such as residential and industrial buildings, overhead tanks, towers, substations, gantry foundations, underground tanks, overbridges etc.

Salient Technical Features
Combines the advantage of both bored and driven piles by compacting freshly laid concrete and soil around obtaining increased load carrying capacity over normal piles. Suitable for loose to medium silty/sandy soils specially with high water table.

Environmental Aspects
No adverse effects on the environment.

Level/Scale of Development
Commercial scale.

Bore Pile Cage Making Machine

Bore Pile Cage Making Machine1. Scope of supply :

a. Complete machine with specifications as follow :

i. Cage length: 2m - 12m ( changeable on request)
ii. Cage Diameter: 200mm to 1250mm
iii. Cage Pitch : 50mm to 500mm
iv. Line- rebar Diameter : 12mm to 40mm
v. Coil Diameter: 5mm to 16mm
vi. Rated electric Power: 10 KW
vii. Hydraulic system: 10MPa
viii. Max cage weight: 3000kg

b. Accessories could be selected:

(i) Inside circle stirrup bender
line- rebar 16-32 mm diameter; Inside circle stirrup 300-2500mm diameter.
(ii.) Automatic line-rebar feeding unit
Chain- feeder can automatically transport lin-rebars from the groud to dias, ensuring the work safety and reduce the labour, special for cages above 1.5m diameter.
(iii.) Hydraulic portable rebar bender
Flexible job site tool for bending line-rebars of first cage.
(iv.)Automatic Welder Robot2008

bore pile cage rotation

Picture_009_com.jpg (31.1 KB)
we are intending to rotate the bore pile round steel cage.(diameter: 2500mm , 12m length and 12Ton weight)Currently we are using free roller as picture attached.Due to the small pitch size of the cage,we had tried conventional roller to rotate it, but it fail. we are intending to motorized this roller with the speed of only 100rpm. As the heavy cage is sitting on the free roller. We need to correctly make calculation on sizing suitable gear motor to rotate the free roller.What will be the turing torque and required motor power to rotate this 12m cage.

Bore Pile Machinery

Brand Name : TIANWEI Model Number : KLB series    Place of Origin : China
color : green,blue

Multi-function drilling rig can be equipped with:
1.power head, the bored pile drills can finish cast-in-place concrete CFG pile and grouting piles driving by anger rig.
2. Vibrating hammer. Compression device can finish cast-in-place concrete piles, expanded piles with immersed tube.
3.hydraulic static pile or diesel pile. Can do precast piles and prestressed Piles.
4.Three-axises power head for underground continuous wall construction
5.Lifting tools for uplifting piles

Bore Pile

To build the simulation models for the piling process, construction steps have to be defined in detail. Depicts the detailed construction steps of the piling process starting from the axis adjustment to concrete pouring and finishing the pile. The construction steps can be summarized as follows:

1. Adjust the piling machine on the pile axis.
2. Haul with the auger to the drilling place.
3. Start drilling until the auger is filled.
4. Return from the drilling level to the top of the pile hole.
5. Swing to the unloading area.
6. Unload the dirt in the unloading area.
7. Swing back to the top of the hole.
8. Repeat steps 2 to 7 until the pile is completely drilled.
9. Relocate the machine and start steps 1 to 8.
10. Start erecting the rebar cage using a crane.
11. Erect the concrete pouring tool, either funnel or tremie, into the hole.
12. Use funnel for dry method and tremie for wet method.
13. Start pouring the concrete and finish the pile.

Simulation models are designed to determine the productivity of this process. Both piling machine and crane activities’ times have to be assessed so that the time required to constructing the pile is defined. The drill rig is responsible for performing the activities: axis adjustment, drilling, and machine relocation. The crane is responsible for the rest of the activities.